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14 May, 2021

Now here is a question I constantly get asked! People are using lots of actives and a mix of brands. Ingredients in skincare are used to stimulate, detoxify, exfoliate, & regenerate so there is going to be a reaction but knowing when it’s good or bad is the important part. Redness, tingling, flushing and heat are regular reactions. An instant reaction is usually ok as long as it goes about 5 mins after applying. A reaction that lasts much longer can mean the skins barrier is impaired this is where caution is needed for the health of your skin.
As a Skincare Specialist it’s my job to know the condition or health of your skin so I can advice on what active ingredients you use & the pace you move with your routine or products. Here are my tips on how to deal with reactions like stinging, holding heat, allergy response, purging, puffiness or anything that leaves you worried about your skin. As always seek professional advice from a dermatologist or GP.

If a product continues to sting after applying, remove it throughly with cold water.

If you have any allergy response like swelling, very high colour, red hot skin or hive like bumps take an antihistamine straight away.

I can’t emphasise this one enough but pull back all your active ingredients. Gently cleanse & hydrate as usual.

Use a cool compress to help calm any inflammation or heat.

Purging is when the skin quickly detoxifies. This is fine once the skin isn’t damaged from picking/bursting spots so check in with a Skincare Specialist on what’s best for your skin.

Remember reactions are not always bad. Slowing down, proper application , suitability & professional advice is needed for best results. For more information on how to care for your skin book a consultation. #skinpassion #skinhealth #knowyourskincare