Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion 50ml

This triple-action corrective serum is designed to target blemishes, visibly decongest skin, and reduce future congestion. We recommend this product be applied in the morning. Ideal for oily, congested, problematic skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide free. Paraben-free.

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Product Description

Ultraceuticals’ Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion utilises a blend of active ingredients to target congestion, clear blemishes and helps comfort the skin.

How To Use:
– Use Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion on alternate days, gradually building to once daily as tolerated.
– Not to be used in conjunction with Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner or Even Skintone Smoothing Serum Or Ultra Brightening Serum.
– Always apply Ultra UV PDM SPF or higher during the day when using Ultraceuticals treatment products.

Key Ingredients:
– Vitamin E
– Aloe Vera
– Salicylic Acid
– Mandelic Acid
– Clove Oil
– Eucalyptus
– Niacinamide.


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