Biologique Recherche Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux – 100ml

A gentle & effective eye make-up remover

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Product Description

This is literally the most gentle eye make-up remover I have ever used! If you are concerned with sensitivity or irritation this is most suitable. Really effective at removing even waterproof mascara but super hydrating on the delicate eye area. I actually believe it helps with the health of my lashes too! Ingredients like Mango Oil to break down makeup, Kudzu Extract to soothe & Kiwi Extract to moisturise. This really is the perfect eye make-up remover!

Natalie’s Use Instructions:
– First, you want to shake the bottle then apply to cotton pads. I gently place them over the eye with my fingertips and hold them for a moment.
– Use a really light pressure around the eyes, work the pad around the lid and through the lashes.
– Remember how you apply mascara under the lashes so get in there too.
– Repeat if you have used heavy make-up to ensure it is all gone.


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