Biologique Recherche Lotion Mc 110 No 1 – 30ml

A target treatment lotion for plumping the skin

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Product Description

Lotion MC110 No 1 is a professional product I use very often in treatment that is available in retail for a salon result at home. This lotion contains AHAs & BHAs, Sponge Extract to plump, Walnut Extract to renew It has an immediate exfoliating, purifying, toning & plumping effect on the skin. You can use this all over or you can target lines and areas you want to plump. The plumping result can be seen straight away. I highly recommend this product but as it is an active product professional advice is essential for best results.

Natalie’s Use Instructions:
– I use this occasionally in the evening in place of my P50 for a little boost.
– I focus on areas I want to plump by tapping into the skin. If I want a longer result I will use it for up to ten days for lasting results.
– Application is pretty much the same as Lotion P50 but instead of once over it can be repeated until you see a flush in the skin.
– Please get in touch for advice if you are unsure. Professional advice is essential with this product.


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