Biologique Recherche Crème Pigm 400 – 50ml

A brightening cream with an immmediate result for pigmented and dull skins.

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Product Description

Crème Pigm 400 has concentrated active ingredients that brighten and protect pigmented and dull skin. With Young Cress Shoots, Plum Pulp Extract, Pure Genistein obtained from Soybeans and Photoprotection Vitiman Like. This formula works so well at brightening the complexion. Wasabi extract, Vitamin E and Polysaccharide to limit the appearance of new pigmentation spots. Beautiful finish on the skin and I highly recommend it for anyone concerned with dull pigmented skin or brides looking for that glow!

Natalie’s Use Instructions:
– Apply a hazelnut-size amount to the face, neck and chest.
– Use gentle pressure with your fingertips to massage up the face until absorbed.
– Can be used day or night to treat pigmentation or day only for the brightening effect.


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