Improving the Quality of Your Sleep


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14 May, 2021

How did you sleep last night? We all know how good it feels to wake up after a good nights sleep! What impact can sleep have on your skin? The obvious is all over your face. Sleep deprivation can lead to poor collagen production. Lack of sleep will certainly leave you and your skin looking tired. So finding ways to improve sleep is really important for your general health and the condition of your skin. So how do we get enough beauty sleep?
Life is so busy and I know lots of my lovely clients are busy mums with careers to juggle so the odd sleepless night is normal. Waking up to a hungry newborn is tough going but as long as you get sleep in between you will soilder on because women are pretty resilient! Just make sure to sleep whenever you can and remember it’s a stage that passes.
On average we need to get about 8 hours a night but I know my sleep can be between 5 – 8. We all naturally have a body clock, a circadian rhythm which is our internal 24 hour cycle. Even your skin has a cycle, it functions differently at different times of the day and night which is why we use different ingredients AM & PM.
So here are some of my basic tips on improving the quality of your sleep.
1. Have a set time for going to bed and getting up even when your sleep is poor try stick to it.
2. Drinking alcohol will lessen the quality of your sleep so try to have alcohol free days during the week.
3. Regular exercise contributes to good sleep so get moving, walking, running, yoga, swim, find something you like and do it often.
4. Make sure the room is cool and don’t close all vents and windows. It’s not cozy you need oxygen!
5. Slow down in the evening let your mind and body switch off from your day. Watch TV, listen to music, read a book, cuddle with the kids, walk the dog whatever slows you down.
6. Avoid long periods on bright screens check for settings on your phone, laptop or don’t use them past a certain time.